Wednesday, April 8, 2015

v1.4: Updates to Digitizing Application, Scaling for 2D morphometrics

StereoMorph version 1.4 just became available today on CRAN! I've made several improvements to the digitizing application based on user suggestions, particularly for 2D morphometrics.

New options in the 'Settings' panel in StereoMorph v1.4.
Users can now copy landmarks and curves from the current image to the next one, which makes it easier to digitize consecutive image frames from a video. Users can apply scaling directly in the app by digitizing points on a ruler or having the app automatically detect a checkerboard.

New 'Scaling' panel available in StereoMorph v1.4
Lastly, all of the shape and scaling data for an image can now be saved in a single text file and read into R using a single function (readShapes).

To demonstrate how to use the app, including these new features, I've made a new tutorial using different coffee mugs as an example. The tutorial is available as a PDF and you can download the example folder here (300KB).

The next updates will be to streamline 3D data collection using this same single file format. This should reduce the number of different folders that have to be created.