Wednesday, March 16, 2016

v1.5: New tutorial and updates to digitizing app, stereo calibration, and reconstruction

StereoMorph version 1.5 is now available on CRAN! Version 1.5 comes with a brand new PDF tutorial (3 MB), example project (download; 18 MB), and includes several major updates to streamline the stereo digitization and reconstruction workflow and improve function performance. The tutorial steps laid out in early posts to this blog have been updated in the new tutorial so please refer to the new tutorial linked above. This version should also be entirely back compatible with previous versions; most of the new features are available as new functions.

New drop-down navigation and 'settings' options in StereoMorph v1.5
General updates in v1.5:

  • Faster and more robust checkerboard corner detection
  • Shortcuts to facilitate manual digitization of consecutive video frames
  • New digitizing interface with a dropdown menu to easily move among photographs
  • Improved cross-browser compatibility

Updates in v1.5 for stereo digitizing and reconstruction:

  • New digitizing interface that allows easy navigation among different aspects and views
  • The ability to project the epipolar line in the digitizing app
  • Faster and more robust curve reconstruction
  • A simpler workflow overall
  • A single function (calibrateCameras) for stereo camera calibration, including checkerboard corner detection and error assessment
  • A single function (digitizeImages) for digitizing stereo image sets, including multiple specimens
  • A single function (reconstructStereoSets) that reconstructs landmarks and curves, places a specified number of evenly spaced points on each curve, and unifies landmarks/curves
  • A single function (reflectMissingShapes) to reflect missing bilateral landmarks/curves in a series of shape sets
  • A single function (alignShapesToMidline) to align a set or sets of bilateral landmarks/curves to the midline plane
  • A single function (testCalibration) to test stereo calibration accuracy
Many thanks to the community for your feedback! Comments/questions/complaints welcome!

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